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About Us

Saimer Community Childcare Group

Mission Statement

To provide and affordable, secure, quality childcare facility, that develops the social, emotional, creative and intellectual needs of children, enabling them to reach their full potential, and also supports parents,guardias to invest in their own needs/training/education and contribute to the social and economic life in the Ballyshannon area.


The ethos is to provide a childcare environment that is identified by;

  • Happy children, caring and friendly staff, involved staff, involved parents and positive interactions between all three groups
  • A safe, clean open environment that welcomes and integrates all children regardless of socio-economic background, creed, or race and supports, as far as possible their individual needs, related to their development
  • A caring and play-based environment that enables children to express themselves freely and promotes enthusiasm for learning
  • An environment that offers equal opportunities to all users of the service and addresses the development needs of children from 0-12 years